We are specialized in:


01 Produce steel pipes long welded any diameter until 2500 mm 25mm thickness.

02 Welding pipe lines up ground on racks and underground insulated, although they are Stainless Steel, Semi less,or any Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, G.R.P and P.V.C.


03 Fabrications of tanks in different diameters and Pipe racks.

04 Fabrications of Steel Structure Building and Cretal Works.


05 Erection of pumps and fittings and posting and receiving rooms for pigs.

06 We have a professional's handler in Carbon welding and Argon welding licensed.


07 Cave Wells and Tunnels.

08 Manufacturing steel towers ,steel structure, bridges and cretal.


09 We do the paint under inspection of the best painting company as example: Sigma - Jotun – Hemple – Packen.

10 Manufacturing of carbon steel pipes and fittings (steel or other materials)


11 Manufacturing petroleum tanks, sewage treating and potable water tanks.

12 Manufacturing caravans and water stations 20/40 feets.


13 Manufacturing water filters for treating sea water stations

14 Erection to all the previous items.


15 All the civil works related to the previous work.



We have all the heavy equipments and usual equipments to do all the previous works.
as example:-
(Welding Generators "Diesel and A.C", Compressors, Sand Blasting System, Airless Spray, Insulation Machines Pipes, Holyday Detector, Groovier Faun, and loader Backhoe 428 Cat).