Supply airpipes carbon steel and stainless steel 304 & 316L

01 2016 New Ismailia STP wastewater treatment station, 3X 20,000 m3/day.

02 2016 Kafr El-Dawar wastewater treatment station, 60,000 m3/day.


03 2015 Meet Ghamr water treatment station.
• Wadi El-Natroon fule tank.
• Tanan sewage plant.
• 10th of ramdan sludge air pipe.
• Sharm El Shekh water desalination plant.

04 2014, Marsa Matrouh waste water treatment capacity 35000m3/ day.


05 2013 fabricate and supply and erect stainless steel pipes &fittings for khorshed sewage station trpeating 350,000 m3 in day (SBR) diameter 24 inch until 4 inch.

06 2012 fabricate and supply and erect steel pipes &fittings for kafr shokr sewage station treating 20,000 m3 in day (SBR).


07 2011 supply and erect steel pipes &fittings hot dip.galv. for Malaha & Mamora sewage station (SBR) 20,000 m3 /day.

08 supply and erect steel pipes &fittings for Demass sewage station (SBR) 20,000 m3.


09 Alexandria Sugar Company (SAVOLA).
2016 Fabrication of S.S sheets for mobile head diffuser
2015 Screw Conveyor
2012 fabricate and supply and erect carbon steel & stainless steel pipes & fittings.

10 Arab Contractors OSMAN AHMED OSMAN & Co.
2016 Electromechanical expansion of new Nubaria Station, Electromechanical Water network and the city reservoir Sidi Barrany,


11 Arabian Milling
2016 fabrication of 6 Silos consists of 2 main components each 8mm Thickness & 3-meter height.